“They’re these politician-woman shoes.”

I am sure, by now, most of you have read the New York Times article titled, “Blazing Campaign Trails in a Certain 3-Inch-Heel.”

There have been many takes on this article from “it is sexist” to “where do I get that shoe?!”

The infamous, $300 black-patent leather Kate Spade “Halle” wedges (see picture right) have been called the “it shoe,” “comfortable”, “shoes of a circle of younger women aspiring for power or already in it,” and “sexy.” All words you want your shoes to be affiliated with, right?

Well, there is one part of this article that caught me off guard…

I know. We, the news media, are not supposed to ask female candidates about their hairstyle or their choice of pantsuits over skirts or their shoes. It is irrelevant. It is trivializing. It is sexist. “You would never write about Chuck Schumer’s shoes,” Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand said in a New York magazine article in response to a question about her flats.

Why can’t you ask female candidates, or any female for that matter, about their choice of heels that day, or who does their hair? What is wrong with the fact that we have multiple decisions to make in the morning about what heels match our dress that day, or which accessories will scream “power,” as opposed to our male counterparts? Also, just because we don’t ask men what shoes they are wearing, doesn’t mean you can’t ask women. I was going to put a “it’s like saying…” corny example here, but I am going to restrain myself.

I guess my real question is, why can women only be successful or fashionable, and not both?

**I hope to dig deeper into this story. Including: a way you can get the Kate Spade wedges look for a price we can all afford, what is the DC power heel, and much more.

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One response to ““They’re these politician-woman shoes.”

  1. Hmm — the press will talk about a man’s shoes — if they’re thought too expensive and thus a sign that he’s unconnected with whatever populist or democratic strain he’s trying to cultivate. (Or conversely, to show how well-worn they are “pounding the pavement.”)

    Either way, these men often have very attractive and well-made shoes (or both) and perhaps it’ll become more common to note how well dressed men can be, when seeking elective office.

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