Speaker Nancy Pelosi Makes the Halls of Congress Her Fashion Runway

While watching the “The Rachel Zoe Project” Season 3 Finale, I was scrolling through my usual political blogs/new sites. I know, an odd combination, the queen of styling’s show and political blog posts, but that is just how I cope with my love for all things fashion and politics.

I seemed to have an ‘ah-ha’ moment as I scrolled past a picture of the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and watching Rachel Zoe go “ba-na-nas” over a vintage piece of jewelry. Speaker Pelosi has a love for accessories as well. As a woman always on TV and in print, she seems to always make sure she keeps her femininity alive while bringing a “don’t mess with me” professionalism to her wardrobe…

Above are just a couple of her many accessories, but the one thing Nancy Pelosi does best is keeping with the color pallet of the season. Back in March, the Daily Beast even began to take notice, and dedicated a slide show of pictures to Nancy Pelosi’s impecable style and timing with the themes of the runway (click on picture below to see slideshow).

Speaker Pelosi is currently my favorite woman in politics. She looks like a lady, acts like a lady, and rules the Hill with an iron fist. Nancy Pelosi is the perfect example of a woman in politics who is successful and doesn’t need to hide she is a woman with a sense of fashion. Thank you Nancy Pelosi for setting the example for, what I am sure will be, women everywhere in politics beginning to look to the runways for assistance in what to wear next.

What did we learn today kidies?

You don’t have to dress like the models on the runway to keep with the trends of the season. Just because you work in politics, and can’t wear the new boots that everyone is running to buy, doesn’t mean you can’t take the part you like and leave the rest. For example, on the runways this season we are seeing lots of animal print, structured jackets, longer hem lines, and hues of the fall leaves. So take that and infuse it into our everyday suit. Add an animal print scarf, a belt over your blazer to give it a structured look, pull out the tights to give your pencil skirts a longer look, or throw on colors of fall with your accessories or tops.

If you know about any women in politics (hill staffer, elected official, Exec Dir of a non-profit, someone’s assistant, etc) who has a unique fashion sense and isn’t afraid to flaunt it, email me at foundfashion@alaceyperspective.com!


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2 responses to “Speaker Nancy Pelosi Makes the Halls of Congress Her Fashion Runway

  1. Lacey! I love the hot items for Fall that you found at Ann Taylor, they are adorable…I might just have to go check them out in person ;) Keep up the good work, your blog posts are always interesting and great reads.

  2. Hey girl! I’m looking forward to your next post…what do you have in store for us in the cyber world?? :)

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