The Winter Wonderland Wardrobe

It is starting to feel like winter here in DC, and I have been asked by many of my girlfriends, “Lacey, what can I buy this winter that I will still want to wear next winter?” Instead of answering you all individually, I thought I should share it with all of my readers! There are many things that you can purchase this winter that will still be in style next year (even on a tight budget), and the common thread is stay classic. For some of my readers this may seem like common sense, but bare with me…

The two items I would truly splurge on would be; boots and coats. These two items will last you for several winters (if your lucky and depending on the quality) and will never go out of style IF you keep it simple. When it comes to the boots keep away from lots of buckles, zippers, fringe, whatever. A good tip I was once told was ‘no more then two embellishments’ (below is an example of a simple ‘Riding Boot’ I found on DSW for $139 – there is a similar boot available in Target too).

For coats, again… keep it simple! The best bang for your buck is black. You can never go wrong with a well cut, simple black coat (see picture below), but if you are looking to add some color think deep colors. Nothing bright, and pleaseeee no pastel. Deep purple, reds, brown, tan, etc is your best bet. If you are looking for something bright without blinding those around you, go for an eggshell color, you will stand out amongst the black coats on the street, but won’t stand out like the neon road signs.

The way to keep these classics up to date is to chose accessories that are more with the current trends of that season. My favorite accessory in the winter is scarfs! These are ways to add color to a drab winter look, and of course keeps you warm as well. Try something bright, or animal print to give that classic black coat a new look. Another great accessory, typically over looked, is gloves. These can also be a great way to add a pop of color or pattern to your winter wear.

So while you are shopping for gifts for your family and friends this winter; keep your eyes out for the simple pieces that can last in your winter wardrobe for several winters to come, and fun accessories to keep them with the current trends.

Where to shop?
My favorite site to shop on right now to purchase items that are trendy, I won’t see every girl in Dupont Circle wearing, but will not cost me more then $50 (ish) an item is Francesca’s Collections. This is a boutique turned chain that started in Texas. No single store is alike as to keep with the boutique-y feel. They are now everywhere, but since the nearest one to DC is Annapolis, I shop on their site often. ENJOY! :)

For coats I quite often dig around Filene’s Basement. It requires patience, and you need to make sure you get the correct fit and not just grab the designer name you like, but you can find a designer gem in there for 50% off! For boots, DSW has been a good go to.

Any other stores I’m missing? PLEASE leave in the comments!

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