Tips for Being Fashionably Correct on The Hill

I have recently been asked to contribute to as their resident DC fashionista. Below is my second post:

Tips for Being Fashionably Correct on The Hill

Whether you are a Hill staffer or just visiting your Congressperson, what you choose to wear as you walk through those marble halls is an important decision. We all have heard the phrase “politically correct” here in our nation’s capital, but as you enter the United States Capitol the phrase most often forgotten is “fashionably correct”.

The unspoken dress code of The Hill is smart and conservative business casual. Each office has its own unspoken dress code as well – the most formal when the Congressperson is in the office, and least formal when Congress is out of session. Although each office has its own unsaid rules, the best bet is to think clean, crisp business casual.

That said, it’s not necessary to don a full suit every day, particularly for women. Try the fashion trends of the season without giving up your professional look… just stick to one at a time rather than all at once. Oh, and over-the-knee boots probably shouldn’t ever make your list of everyday Hill wear.

For the rest of the post click here.

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