Best and Worst Dressed of the 2011 State of the Union

Now that the ‘Super Bowl of Politics’ has ended here in DC, I thought it was best to capture the best and worst dressed of the night. The State of the Union truly became prom night, with each congressman or woman picking someone of the oposite party to sit with, and just like prom night the question was who will they sit with and what are they going to wear (well, to me anyway)? So I give you the best dressed men and women of the 2011 State of the Union:

Best Dressed Men: Real Men Wear Purple… Ties
The STOU was filled with men in bright colored ties. From  neon green to pink and lastly, to purple. A true sign of bipartisanship, purple was the go-to color choice for the men of the Hill on this important night, no matter their political affiliation.

Best Dressed Women: Red, White, and Bangles
When choosing a prom dress you always keep three things in mind:
1. Make sure no one is wearing the same dress as you are.
2. That your dress matches your dates tie.
3. Be sure to look your absolute best.

Last night, none of those were really accomplished, but I must tip my hat to those women whose chose to step away from the boring, old black suit and gave color a shot! First, we have the color of choice for the women, red. When ever there was an overhead shot of the floor I could not help but notice the mass numbers of red suits on women…

…but who did it best, you ask? None other then the former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (not the best picture of her below). She combined the bright red suit with a cream colored top. Obviously she has found time to read about the trend of pairing brights and neutrals together now that she is no longer holding the gavel. I personally would have loved to see a chunky gold necklace on her instead of the matching red necklace, but hey, she’s a busy woman.

Of course, your overall best dressed of the night is our First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. Taking a giant step away from the controversy with her previous choice of clothing at the State Dinner, Mrs. Obama chose an American designer to honor with her choice of what to wear to her hubby’s big night. FLOTUS chose a simple fitted sheath Rachel Roy dress, paired with silver pumps and silver and clear bangles (her black and white ribbon was to honor Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords). Bangles seemed to be all over the wrist of the Congresswomen, as well, and I enjoyed their nod to femininity. Although, this was not my favorite choice of the First Lady’s, I do appreciate the simplicity and cut of this dress.

Worst Dressed: Hot Pink… Minus the Hat
As a fellow Floridian, it kills me to type this, but the worst dressed was Rep. Frederica Wilson. Typically known for her bizarre choice in hats, the Representative went sans-hat, but instead chose a hot pink blazer paired with black slacks. I can sadly not find a picture (yet) of this blazer, but trust me, it was HOT PINK. Since I can not give you a picture of the hot pink blazer, I thought I would show you a picture of one of her jeweled cowboy hats. Enjoy!

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