Score a Fashion Touchdown at Your Super Bowl Party

Whether you are a football fan or not, everyone knows that the Super Bowl is tomorrow night. Some of us consider it a great time to go out, dress cute, and have a beer with the boys — others consider it the time to watch your beloved team give the opposing team a butt kicking it so richly deserves. For those who are not sure of the specifics — it’s tomorrow night, February 6th, at 6:30pm on FOX. The two teams playing are the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers. I personally have no allegiance to either team, but I do love the stadium they are playing at, the Dallas Cowboys’ Stadium. Go ‘Boys! Alas, my ‘Boys are not playing, so I thought I’d give you all a tip on how to show your team spirit without having to wear your boyfriend/friend/next door neighbor’s old jersey he found in the depths of his smelly closet.

Let’s start with the Steelers. Their team colors are black, gold and white (sorry for all of the die-hards — I know you think everyone should know this). Feel free to show your Steelers pride in comfort, warmth and class with a comfy black sweater dress then add accessories from there. The color-appropriate purse is also the perfect size to tuck away your Terrible Towel until you are ready to get rowdy.

Go Steelers

The next team competing for the title of ‘The Best Football Team in the Nation’ are the Green Bay Packers. Their team colors are hunter green and ‘taxi cab gold’ (their term, obviously not mine). Below I put together an outfit that will allow you to wear your teams logo (they have women’s NFL clothing — spend the money if you are a diehard — it’s worth it) and keep it fashionably correct. I added high waisted jeans, amazing flats, and a great leather jacket. This is another example of being comfortable but still separating yourself from the boys. Lastly, my lady Packers’ fans, please leave the Cheese Head Hat to the boys.

Go Packers

Want to see a couple other outfits I created and see some specifics of the look above? Go to my Polyvore page here.

What will set you apart from the boys are the accessories you add and the fit of your clothing. I am by no means saying throw on a pair of heels and your vintage sequined blazer you have been dying to wear out, rather I am trying to convey you can be fashionably correct even in the middle of a sports bar on the wildest night of the year, the Super Bowl.

So… throw on your team colors, grab a beer and go cheer on your favorite team.

Have fun out there, kiddies!

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3 responses to “Score a Fashion Touchdown at Your Super Bowl Party

  1. Adorable outfits/fashion ideas! Love your blog, Lacey!

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