Happy Birthday, Mr. President.

First and foremost, happy birthday to our 1st president, George Washington! Happy Presidents’ Day to you! Also, happy first day of DC Fashion Week! I will be covering DCFW all week and tweeting about it at @LacePerspective starting tonight.

In honor of Presidents’ Day I wanted to show you all a glimpse at my most patriotic of outfits. There comes a day in every fashion  blogger’s life were you decide if you will post pictures of yourself or just pictures of your ‘inspiration’. While reading a piece in the Washington Post Express entitled The Glam Glut: Separating the Good Fashion Advice from the Bad I came across a quote from Andrea Linett, Creative Director at eBay Fashion, “People are looking for inspiration…[I] prefer guides that inspire creative thought with photos and illustrations.” After reading this I knew I had to lead by example and show you all a little bit of me. I am still not sure if this will be a weekly occurrence on ALP (thoughts?), but with my new vintage dress screaming patriotism, I knew today was the perfect time to share.

I would like to preface these pictures with…

  1. I am a girl on a budget. Being a twenty-something trying to make it in professional politics does not have you rolling in the dough. I hope as I begin to show my outfits of choice you will be inspired by the fact that you can look fabulous on a budget.
  2. I love to support local. At least one item of any one outfit will have a piece from a local DC shop.
  3. My hair is in an annoying growing phase. I used to rock the short power-woman bob cut and now I am in process of growing it out (I think — may get annoyed with it and chop it again).
  4. I am obsessed with anything and everything vintage. Knowing that what I am wearing has a story and has most likely lived a more fabulous life than myself is fantastic. I love buying a vintage dress and day-dreaming about who wore this and to what fabulous events.
  5. This outfit may be a little too matchy-matchy for most fashionistas, but there is something about these heels matching the blue in the dress perfectly that I couldn’t resist. Also, could I look any more patriotic?!
  6. I am not a model. I am your average girl.
  7. My camera is by no means a professional camera. I am not one to show you lots of pictures of myself smiling, but capturing the specfic components of the outfit itself.
  8. I love color.
  9. This posting was a long time coming. I have been debating posting pictures of myself for a very long time. After reading an inspirational (and eerily similar story to my own life delimas) post by one of my favorite bloggers Beth, of Embracing Twentysomething, I knew if she could take a leap so could I. Thank you, Beth.
  10. {For full size click on picture…}

Dress – Meeps Vintage (Adams Morgan) | Necklace – Lou Lou Boutique (Dupont Circle) | Shoes – Forever21 (Metro Center Area Location) | Purse – Vintage Dooney & Burke (eBay) | Watch – Michael Kors | Bracelet – Lou Lou Boutique (Dupont Circle) | Cocktail Ring – Forever21 (Metro Center Area Location) | Nail Polish – OPI Dutch Tulips


Are you following A Lacey Perspective on Twitter or liking it on Facebook? Not sure how to style these items? I am starting to take style questions on Facebook and will be posting detailed responses on my blog starting very soon. Have a question for me? Post it here.



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4 responses to “Happy Birthday, Mr. President.

  1. Court

    Sexy mama!!! :) Looks beautiful, as always. XOXOXOXOXO

  2. I am LOVING this outfit and think this needs to become {at least} a weekly occurrence on your blog! You say you’re not a model… you could have fooled me! Beautiful pics. Have fun at DC fashion week! Can’t wait to hear about it.

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