What’s Your Uniform?

The infamous Vera Wang has a fabulous blog I read regularly, and almost every post gets me thinking. You can really tell that she doesn’t just think of fashion as pieces of fabric, but something that is everywhere. There was a post back in January, entitled Even Jackie O Had a Uniform, that really got me thinking. One of the first sentences says…

“I realized that everybody in the end comes down to a uniform.”

I tucked away this post into my ‘write about’ bookmarks folder in hopes of coming to the conclusion of what my uniform is.

Vera says her uniform is leggings and a t-shirt, and that Jackie’s was her husbands pants and a crew neck t-shirt. She went on to talk about how each uniform can be dressed up or down. For example, she will wear a blazer with her leggings to dress them up and to dress down she will wear boys tanks.

Vera summed up the post with…

“These are the things that bring the fashion part to my uniform. But there is a uniform nonetheless. — In the end, people come down to uniforms and what they do with that uniform.”

I couldn’t help but wonder what my uniform is. Is it my leggings I live in in the winter/fall or my go-to maxi dresses (that I own in every color possible — way before maxi anything was popular) I wear in the spring/summer? I always love to dress either up or down… and I really do love my ‘maxis’ as I lovingly refer to them. Although, after some time to think about it, I came to the conclusion that my uniform changes by season. Sorry Vera. I really tried to narrow it down to one item I can’t live without all year long, but I was never one for uniforms any way.

What is your uniform?


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7 responses to “What’s Your Uniform?

  1. shinypigeon

    Skinny jeans – I live in them.
    Cool tee – Great with heels and a blazer or with a cardie and boots.
    I fully embrace my life uniform.

  2. Hmmm in the fall/winter def my leggings a blazer and boots…in the summer I’m with you on the maxi dresses !

  3. Great post – I have been giving this a lot of thought since I am planning a big closet purge soon. I always come back to a pencil skirt, silk blouse, heels and cardi for the work week; skinny jeans, silk blouse, flats and cardi or blazer for the weekend or casual work days. Sounds boring but it’s always professional and allows me to mix and match easily!

  4. My uniform is skirt/dress topped off with a blazer/cardigan and tights. All day, every day.

    I also live in the DC area. Just happy to find other bloggers from DC. Nice blog!

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