Friday Fun: ColorBlocking

I have been itching to use this inspiration photo for quite awhile. The picture is of the fabulous Chiara, of The Blonde Salad (‘Blog Lovin’s NewCommer of the Year‘), during her second day at Milan Fashion Week (yeah, she has every fashionista’s dream life).

The second I saw this outfit I knew I had to attempt recreate it with, of course, my own ALP spin. I understand when you see this picture you are going to think to yourself, “Lacey, what the heck are you thinking?! You write about DC fashion. This would not fly in DC.” Just stick with me, you will be shocked at how you can do this at work and play.

Chiara of The Blonde Salad

The choice of styling two solid colors you would not normally see together is called color-blocking. I am just in awe of how this Blonde Salad put orange and purple together so effortlessly. Also, I have a new obsession with adding orange to my spring wardrobe. Now I do understand that this exact look would never work on the streets of downtown DC, but we can definitely learn from this and make it our own…

Friday Fun: ColorBlocking

See?! Piece of cake! Challenge yourself to take a risk with color-blocking this weekend. Would you wear these colors together? What colors do you like to pair together?

Happy Friday! XOXO!



Want to see a couple other outfits I styled & see some of the specifics of the look above? Go to my Polyvore page here.

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4 responses to “Friday Fun: ColorBlocking

  1. Court

    This is WAAAY too Clemson for me, but I think Orange would look lovely next to Navy (although that’s the other tigers…) Obviously, the very best color comb would be to block some gold and garnet, maybe with a black skinny belt… :) Can you tell I’m already thinking of football outfits??

    Love you and your blog lots and lots!! It’s on my reader so I never miss it :) XOXO

  2. I was just thinking about and outfit I want to create using the color blocking style.

    Thanks for the vintage shopping tips. I’m super excited for tomorrow, lame that I get excited over a shopping trip. Any how if you ever see me out and about definitely say “hey!”

    – Miranda

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