Socks & Heels

I am a Fashion Contributor (with a heavy focus on accessories) for, an online women’s magazine, and wanted to share with you my latest piece. So in case you missed…

Socks & Heels

I know what you are thinking. Does this title mean that socks and heels are a thing now…together?! The simple answer is, yes. Now don’t move over to another article just yet. As you get caught up with the millions of photos taken during New York Fashion Week and even now with Milan, this trend is popping up everywhere.

For those of us that still have cold wintry weather, this trend is definitely worth a try but also be prepared to see this trend on the feet of every fashionista that passes by in the spring as well. The socks and shoes trend is not confined to heels, you will also begin to see socks with feminine flats that give a nod towards a men’s tassel-loafer.

To read the rest of the piece click here.


How do you feel about this trend? Have you tried this yet? I have here and want to continue to mix this look into my wardrobe. My next step is to go find fun flirty socks in bright spring colors. *Sigh* Is it spring yet, DC?


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4 responses to “Socks & Heels

  1. I love this trend on others, but haven’t tried it myself. I have worn my peep toe/sandal style shoes with tights this winter, so this is just the next step into warmer months! I don’t think I could get away with the socks in my extremely conservative DC work environment. Do you notice credibility being lost when you are wearing something “too fun”?? Color is hard enough (though i’ve learned to incorporate it in small ways) when you are the only female in a work environment, but more trendier touches can definitely cause the wrong attention, even if still kept conservative, among professional male counterparts! Do you find this to be true as well?

    • Absolutely. Being trendy anywhere in DC is looked at as odd. I for one like to be the one to push the limits, but in most places it is best to save the super trendy items for the weekend.


  2. I love the socks with sandals look! Once it warms up a bit I’m going to try giving this look a run on the weekends!

  3. michelle

    love the trend but havent tried yet too

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