ALP Challenges You To…

Late last night I was flipping through some fashion magazines on my iPad and I came across an absolutely brilliant idea! Unfortunately, since I have gone back to find the exact wording, I cannot find which one of my ten (don’t judge) March issues had the brilliant idea in it. None the less I HAD to share…

Your mission — if you chose to except it — is to invite a girlfriend over with a sense of style you respect to dig through your closet and put together outfits they would wear. Leave them there for hours. Just sit back and watch. No judgments. Let them explain to your their choices as they go along and why. I would probably make sure to have on some kick-butt girl-power music (my favs: Adele, Sara Bareilles, & Amy Winehouse) and supply lots of wine, just to be a good host. Also, I would have a camera ready (or your smartphone) to snap pictures of the outfits you really love that they put together. If you are feeling brave, invite more then one girlfriend to tackle your closet and make it a girls night. Perhaps turn on Sex and the City (for inspiration), have wine/champagne flowing, and some finger foods to really make it a party.

Before they arrive, knowing that someone will be digging through your closet, this will be a huge incentive for you to organize your closet. You may even discover pieces you forgot you had! So not only are you going to get a fresh outlook on your wardrobe, but also an organized one.

What you will gain from this experience is a new outlook on your wardrobe options as a whole, outfits you never would have put together and perhaps even learn new techniques that you could use (for example different ways to wear belts, layer tops or color combinations) on a day to day basis.

So take this ALP challenge and report back! I would LOVE to see and hear how this went. I will definitely be doing this very soon and will keep you all posted on how my closet swap turns out.


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