Ask Lacey: French Embassy Party

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I am attending an event at the French Embassy in March and am curious what to wear? -Rachel

The first thing that came to mind after reading this question was my style icon, Sarah Jessica Parker, as Carrie Bradshaw in the last two episodes of Sex and the City when she moved to Paris. She wore lots of patterns, long flowing full skirts, and lots of color. It was all such fabulous Parisian chic! Below are some pictures of Carrie in Paris (read more after for ways to translate this into DC appropriate wear). Isn’t she gorgeous?! Just glancing at those pictures have me itching to don a Parisian look. Now… to translate this into DC Parisian chic. I am by no means saying attend the event in a beret, smoking a cigarette, and say “oui” but take Ms. Bradshaw’s Parisian chic and make it your own. For example, the blue and white dress in the fourth picture is the perfect in between. This was when Carrie first arrived in Paris and was easing her way into Parisian fashion. In Parisian fashion more is more, so do not be afraid to be bold. I am thinking a full skirt that falls just above the ankles, silk top, dainty clutch, and lots of accessories. Below I put together what I would wear. Everyone in DC will be wearing their go-to LBD, try some color and vintage pieces to give your look a Parisian feel.

French Embassy Party

Lastly, I wanted to talk hair. The very last of the inspiration pictures was Carrie in her signature “Carrie Bun”. I have been dying to learn how to make this look happen. With buns being set higher up on the crown of your head being the new spring hair trend this is the perfect final touch to your Parisian look. My other style icon, Beth Jones of B Jones Style, has put together multiple tutorials on how to use “Your Cheapest Accessory” — your hair– to your advantage. I am madly in love with B Jones’ style. She is a beautiful, chic fellow vintage lover and blogger whom I adore. I hope one day to be the B Jones Style of DC.  Her blog posts are always the ones I impatiently wait to appear in my Google Reader everyday. I have literally gone through each one of her “Your Cheapest Accessory” videos and am in love with every look. One of my favorites is how to do “The Casual Carrie Bradshaw Bun”. I have tried it, mastered it in one try and am in LOVE with this look. I will be wearing this often! It is perfect for a casual weekend, a night out or even to the office. Without further adieu, B Jones giving you a step by step instruction on “The Casual Carrie Bradshaw Bun”…

I hope this helped, Rachel! Have a fabulous time! Au revoir!

Please keep the questions coming ALPers! XOXO


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One response to “Ask Lacey: French Embassy Party

  1. Rachel

    LOVE IT!! Thanks Lacey, looking forward to a Fashionable French Friday!

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