Rules are meant to be Broken: Layering Metals

I am a Fashion Contributor (with a heavy focus on accessories) for, an online women’s magazine, and wanted to share with you my latest piece. So in case you missed…

Rules are meant to be Broken: Layering Metals

Every woman has her “rules”. Never mix black and navy, only wear one type of metal at a time, or never mix miss-matching prints. Well this spring season will be your time to break the rules. In fact, there are none! Whether you are in the office or out to brunch with the ladies, rules are falling to the waist side.

Once you have completed your mourning routine, most women top off their outfit with jewelry. One of the “rules” most women live by is not mixing metals. For example, if you are wearing a belt with a gold buckle, you then reach for your gold earrings and gold watch.

To read the rest of the piece click here.



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