Friday Fun: Maxi Dress

Isn’t this weather beautiful, DC?! I can feel spring creeping its way in.

When I wrote about Vera Wang’s “uniform”, I began to wonder what my warmer weather “uniform” was. After flipping through some Facebook photos I began to notice it was my maxi dresses. They look stylish, are oh-so comfy, my go-to when I fly and are the perfect way to cover up my pale legs until they get some sun. In the spring I normally wear them with a cardigan or a denim jacket. My favorite part is mixing and matching their colors/prints with my accessories.

Below is my “Friday Fun” with my warmer weather “uniform”:

Maxi Dress

Want to see a couple other outfits I styled & see some of the specifics of the look above? Go to my Polyvore page here.

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