Excuse Me… There is a Scarf on Your Head

I know what you are thinking as you read the title…. “huh?!” That was my initial reaction as I was scrolling through my Google Reader yesterday morning and began to notice that all of my style blogger favs were rocking silk scarfs on their head. As a girl who is always looking for creative ways to get my bangs off of my face, I knew I had to attempt this myself. It really is a simple look to recreate and is a great way to stay on trend with the 70s vibe spring is having this year. Take a look…

This is very simple to recreate. Whether you leave the ends hanging (first pic), tuck them in along the sides (second pic) or wrap them loosely around your initial knot (third pic) — there are so many great ways for this look to add pattern, color and texture to your spring look. Notice this works with your hair up or down too! I will be using this when I travel, run errands or feel like adding a punch of color to a boring look.

I am on the hunt for vintage scarfs to mimic this new look. I have already found several at my fav vintage store, some for less then $10 AND they are 100% silk! Woot!

Also, think about using scarfs to add a pop of color to your bags you already own. Right now bright colored bags are the it item to add to your spring look — a great way to ease yourself into this trend is tie a brightly colored scarf to one of the handles of your bags to add a pop of color. I would not suggest tying a scarf to your bag and one additionally to your head. Just know that once you purchase your first silk scarf you are able to wear it many different ways!

Thank you to all of my fav style bloggers for this inspiration!

I am ready to put a scarf on my head! Are you?




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One response to “Excuse Me… There is a Scarf on Your Head

  1. Oh gosh, does Emily at C&C ever do any fashion wrong? LOVE her!!

    Scarves are so perfect for the spring time to help disguise the ever present “sweaty bangs” that happens when it start to gets hot out!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl


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