Lacey’s Outfit: Brunch in AdMo

My boyfriend (we will call him J) and I were off to have brunch at our favorite place in Adam’s Morgan, The Diner, this past weekend and of course end it with some AdMo exploring. This has become a weekend ritual for us. J and I have discovered that not only can we get a cheap and very delicious brunch right near our home, but we also get culture to boot!

When I am dressing to go out for brunch I always want to wear something that is loose fitting and allows for me to eat a lot and not feel constricted, also when I am going out in Adams Morgan I always feel like I am allowed, nay required, to let out my inner Hipster.

After much consideration, I have decided to show you all what I decided to wear out that afternoon. It may not be my perfect vintage inspired outfit, but I have realized the more I have entered the fashion blogging world that the outfit posts that are more accessible are the ones I feel most inspired by.

Tomorrow I will show you what I discovered in AdMo. The fashions from all over the world are in our backyard! I had no idea! Did you? Either way, I plan on sharing my discoveries in my next post.

*Click for larger size photo*

Trench {London Fog} | Cape Striped Top {Thrifted} | Jeans {Express} | Necklace {Francesca’s Collection}| Oxford Shoes {Steve Madden}| Fringe Purse {H&M} | Watch {Michael Kors} | Bracelet {Yurman} | Fedora {D&Y}


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7 responses to “Lacey’s Outfit: Brunch in AdMo

  1. You are adorable! Love the outfit. I think J needs to be your photographer more often. He’s got skills and you have style.

  2. Lacey! You look absolutely adorable :) I love the outfit especially that necklace and the trench. Will have to visit this place with you one day when I visit DC. Keep up the cute pics! I love to see your outfits <3

  3. Oh yumm the Diner, it’s soo good! Rachel Ray did a special on it when she used to do her Tasty Travels shows. It’s exciting when you see a place you already love on TV. I am loving your turquoise necklace! I am on the hunt for one myself. Nothing makes you look more awake (at brunch or on a Monday) than a splash of turquoise!

  4. I love this look! Perfectly hipster-chic :) And that fringe bag is amazing!
    La Petite Marmoset

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