Culture & Fashion in my Backyard – Who Knew?!

After my delicious brunch in Adams Morgan, J and I went to explore a bit. We always pass these amazing little shops that are rich in culture on our way home and never actually stop in. This time. We did…. and boy did we find some AMAZING things! My fashion mind was going crazy! So much color, texture and options to add to my spring wardrobe. Below are some pictures of what I found right here in my backyard. :)

With an open mind and a little creativity you can find endless amounts of inspiration right here in our beautiful backyard… DC.


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3 responses to “Culture & Fashion in my Backyard – Who Knew?!

  1. Those bright little shoes are so fun for spring!!! And that necklace is just begging for a basic tank and cut off shorts combo to show it off!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  2. Jo Mama

    Those are some cool shops. I loved all the bead necklaces. How can you possible pick just one – or two – or three – or okay you get my point.

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