Friday Fun: Cheap Shoes? Yes, please!

I first would like to apologize for disappearing these last few days. I have just started a new gig (yay!) and things have been very hectic in my life. The beauty of this new position is that it is within a very liberal company (both politically and dress code-wise) and I could not be any more happy! This means not only can I play with my wardrobe more, but I can also begin to shop for fun instead of another white button down to add to my business-professional collection. Yay!

This will not be a typical Friday Fun (Polyvore followed by my inspiration for the outfit), this time I read something in a fellow fashion blogger’s post that I HAD to share. Kitty Cotten first showed two pairs of fantastically bright pumps – which I instantly began to guess how much they would cost me to own – then as I continued to scroll saw that it cost her $35 TOTAL with shipping. Obviously after reading this I had to do some investigative work myself.

The site is called GoJane and holy cheap-yummy-shoes!

So for some Friday Fun I wanted to show you how cheap and FAB this site is by virtually shopping for you…

Olive Nubuck Finish Platform Pump {GoJane} $22.90

Camel Chunky Cut-Out Lace-Up Bootie {GoJane} $29.70

Orange Patent Pointed Toe Pump {GoJane} $18.00
*This also comes in Fuschia, Light Pink, Purple, Olive, Red, Turquoise, White & Black. I may have to own all of them. That $18 is NOT a typo.*

…and just to step away (pun intended) from shoes for a minute…

Cognac Pleated Leatherette Clutch {GoJane} $35.10

Tiered Leopard Print Maxi Skirt {GoJane} $29.40

These prices are reminiscent of Forever21 yet has a little bit different of a look with the design of the pieces. I am loving it! Where has this site been all my life? Does everyone already know about it? Am I just WAY out of the loop? Either way I will be owning some of these pieces. Please note that I have not ordered from the site yet (but Kitty Cotten has), so I can not speak to the quality or fit. I will keep you all posted once I do.

Code for free shipping: gjship50

Happy Shopping & Happy Friday!

*GoJane has in no way asked me to write this post, this is simply my opinion and discovery.*



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5 responses to “Friday Fun: Cheap Shoes? Yes, please!

  1. I just showed this site to my roommate! She and I are now OBSESSED. Thanks for giving us a heads up on the awesome find :)

  2. Also BLOOM25R gives you 25% off today!

  3. I lovveee GoJane and! Those cut-out lace up booties are calling to me. Oh and yes we definitely should do a vintage shopping post! I haven’t gone hunting much in DC and have been wanting tho check out the stores :)
    La Petite Marmoset

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