Ladies of DC

After the historic news that came in late last night, I thought today was the perfect day to take inspiration from the women who are giving all women involved in politics the courage to dress feminine in this male dominated profession.

See ladies – stripes, brights, colorblocking, florals – just like we talked about. If the “First Ladies of DC” can pull this off in the lime light, you can too! So stop using the excuse of “I can’t wear that in DC” and start experimenting with your wardrobe.

…and as a fun little extra. Below is a pic of J and I at the White House Correspondence Dinner National Journal Reception from Saturday night. Also, a pic of me and J in front of the White House during the “Mission Accomplished Rally” (excuse the poor quality – silly iPhone) late last night (or was it early this morning?). See more pics of the celebration all over the country here. Either way, God Bless America.


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