One for One

Several posts ago I told you about my love for Toms shoes – not only because they are the perfect yogi shoe / comfortable shoe to run errands in, but also because of their ‘one for one’ mission. I love the feeling of doing good and snagging an awesome, must-have piece to add to my wardrobe as well!

Lucky for me, and my fellow philanthropic do-gooders, I have noticed another ‘one for one’ trend popping up in the blogosphere – Warby Parker‘s vintage inspired glasses. Although I don’t need glasses all day every day, I do need them to see things at a far distance (and to add some spice to my outfit from time to time) – so when I saw that not only can I have vintage inspired, stylish glasses but I can also help someone in need  – I knew I had to find out more.

After some digging on the site I discovered that the prices are VERY reasonable and the styles are perfectly on trend with the vintage feel that is popping up everywhere this season. Below are the three I have my eye on…




Also, don’t forget to try the “Home Try-On” where you can try 5 pairs for 5 days – pretty smart stuff if you ask me! Now all I need to do is wear my Warby Parker glasses, with my Classic Coral Toms on my walk to yoga, and I will be the epitome of a stylish DC hipster/philanthropist/yogi/progressive. Woohoo!


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