Just Purchased: High-Waisted Wide-Leg Jeans

I had to share with you all a pair of jeans I just recently purchased that I am down right obsessed with. They lengthen my torso, the wide leg gives me that 60s/70s look that is very in right now, and they are oh-so comfortable (and these will definitely carry into the fall/winter trends as well). For those of you who have been debating on jumping on the high-waisted band wagon, these jeans are a great way to jump start your love.

I found these dark, high-waisted wide-leg jeans at Gap on sale (I know, right?! shocking!). You will not find them on sale online, but they are also not many sizes left in the store. If you are in DC, the Georgetown store seems to have the most size options available. If you are purchasing online, buy them a size smaller then you would normally buy, they seem to run big (plus, we are not used to sizing at our actual waist).

I am madly in love with them, and you will be too! Once this DC weather cooperates I will begin to do more outfit posts and I promise you these pants will get a prime posting.

Happy Shopping!

Dark Washed Wide Leg Trouser {Gap}


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