Hey Jealousy

Is anyone else in the DC area jealous of what the ladies of New York and LA can pull off on a daily basis without a single person looking at them funny?

I would LOVE to be able to wear an amazing color-blocking ensemble with every neon color I can find or layer on the accessories like it is nothing and not be looked at like I have two heads.

There are so many women I hear over and over again say to me “not many women can pull {inset stylish trend here} off in DC…” – it is sooooo frustrating! The saying that “DC is the Ugly Hollywood” has GOT to stop! It is time for The Sartorialist  to start booking flights to DC and the style magazines to have pages on the ‘it’ fashion found on the streets of DC! The first lady already has pushed us in the right direction, now it is time to take her courage and inspiration and run with it.

I have decided to stop hiding behind my posts, talking about what ladies in DC need to do when it comes to their wardrobe, and lead by example. I am going to make it a goal of mine to post outfit posts at least twice a week (and help me by holding me to it) – no more hiding behind my fashion advice. I will continue my posts with advice, but I really want to start to take street fashion here in DC to another level. I love DC boutiques and vintage shops and plan on highlighting them as much as possible. Thanks to my new job, and its liberal dress code, I hope to show you all how I am trying to nudge the Dupont working force towards daring style (note that daring for DC is some times simply color). Also, please feel free to email me pictures of your DC street style outfit – I would love to share with everyone!

I hope one day to be the BJones Style, Atlantic-Pacific, J’s Everyday Fashion, or Kendi Everyday of DC. These women have flawless style and are encouraging women with every post to take a risk with their ensembles every time that they walk up to their closet and wonder ‘what do I wear?’

I am determined to show you world that DC DOES have style – with the help of my fellow DC FABBers (DC Fashion & Beauty Bloggers) we will make this happen.

I want to warn you all, I by no means claim to be an expert, model or skilled photographer but I do think that if each person made a bit more of an effort here in DC, we would have one stylish city.

Who’s with me?!

My title was inspired by that old 90s song Hey Jealousy by Gin Blossoms. Not sure what the song has to do with this post… but it works.


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6 responses to “Hey Jealousy

  1. I can’t wait to see your outfits Lacey! Anyone can be fashionable in any city. Cheers to putting yourself out there and making it happen! :-)

    • Thank you so much, J! Support from bloggers like you give me the courage to stop hiding behind my advice post!

      Lots of love,

      Lacey :)

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  4. Yesss, I’m from DC originally and I agree with you 100%! More fashionistas are needed in the District. I see you like vintage shops, too. My favorite vintage shop is Annie Creamcheese in Georgetown :)

    • Thanks! I know we DO need more fashionistas in DC and I found them! I co-founded an organization called DC FABB – DC Fashion & Beauty Bloggers (http://dcfabb.wordpress.com) – we have over 80+ blogger now! I LOVE it!

      My favorite vintage store is Meeps by far! :)


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