Lacey’s Wearing: The No-No

Skirt {Francesca’s Collection} | Denim Button Down {Gap} | Sleeveless Trench {UO}| Bag {Ann Taylor} | Wedges {Target} | Aviators {RayBans} | Gold Watch {Michael Kors} | Bracelet {Yurman} | Beaded Bracelets {H&M} | Gold HorseShoe Necklace {old}

This is the sleeveless trench I put on my Wednesday Wish List and got in the Urban Outfitters store for $19.99! It was online for $59.99 (thank goodness I went into the store). I’m in love! This will be perfect for the whole summer – it’s light, sleeveless and fits like a glove. Speaking of summer, this 90 degree weather in DC does not make me feel like I moved north – at all. I barely survived taking these shots because I was melting. You see how much I love you?

The reason I titled this post the “no-no” was because for those afraid to take a risk with their fashion, denim on denim is a no-no. Silly isn’t it? Heck, black and brown is a no-no. Here in DC this is amplified. If you take one step outside of the cardigans and pearls box, you are casted as “not DC.” Well… this is me taking a giant step outside of that box. Denim on denim and I like it. Bam!

I wore this to work all day yesterday and to grab drinks with some friends. It was the perfect casual-cool.

What do we think? How do you step outside of the box?

Are you sick of seeing my big messy Carrie bun yet? Told you you will see it all summer long. Want to know how to do it? Beth Jones at BJones Style gives an amazing tutorial here.


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One response to “Lacey’s Wearing: The No-No

  1. Jo Mama

    Cute outfit. I see you got the sleeveless trench. Very cute. The whole thing, definitely a “yes, yes.”

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