Rep. Weiner’s Wife Has Fabulous Style

Yup. I am doing what any smart communications professional in the world of politics should do, capitalize on the hot topic of the press cycle…

Let’s set aside the current Rep. Weiner scandal for a moment, and focus on the one thing I could not help but notice when I was digging for information on his wife, Huma Abedin. This woman has absolutely friggin’ amazing style!

Formerly Hilary Clinton’s close personal assistant since the mid 90s, Abedin has been the it young woman that was constantly snapped by the papparazo next to Hilary with chic style. Considered a fantastic “catch” for any up and coming young man in the world of politics, Abedin seems to have everything going for her (including a wedding officiated by President Bill Clinton himself).

Again, lets pass the irony that Hilary can understand Huma’s pain of an unfaithful man, and to be honest I am not 100% sure of my final opinion on this hot political topic, but I DO know that wow. This girl has style. Sorry I just had to repeat it again.

Cheers to a woman that is intelligent, young, successful, beautiful and still dresses like a woman with a sense of style in the crazy world we call American politics…

Move over Kate Middleton. Hello, wedding dress of my dreams and yellow beaded clutch I must find. You may have a strong opinion about Weiner’s choices or you may not, but I am sure we can all get behind how absolutely stylish this woman is.


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