A Place So Nice They Named It Twice

I have a whirlwind of traveling this month and last week was NYC. I am loving taking pictures with Instagram on my iPhone! It makes snapping pics easy and they always come out looking so beautiful with the multiple options to take your pic to a different level (wow – I sound like an infomercial). Below are pics I took during my week in the “place so nice they named it twice”…

From some faux-outfit pics to the OPI Axxium Nail Polish I gave a shot (I’ll review this later this week) to my go-to Twisty Up Do (HowTo on this later as well) to some cool resturants – NYC was an exhausting but fun week. This week I am off to Minnesota.

If you want to see more pics for last week or follow me through this coming week, follow my Tumblr and follow me on Twitter!


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