HowTo: Twisty UpDo

Remember these pics from my post-NYC post yesterday?

Dress {Meeps Vintage – 1960s} | Vintage White Clutch {Meep’s Vintage} | Nude Wedges {Steve Madden} | Gold Watch {Michael Kors}| Beaded Bracelets {H&M} | Silver & Gold Bracelet {Yurman} | Nail Polish {OPI Axxium – Strawberry Margarita}

This is my famous Twisty UpDo (yes, I named it – all by myself). This updo is my go-to when I want to pull my hair up, but a ponytail or bun is too casual. Above I was getting ready to head out to a pretty conservative  (dress-code wise of course) conference. Yes. The dress is vintage. Are you surprised? Nope. Sorry to answer for you, but you are not surprised. Oh, and it has pockets. Another shocker.

Back to the hair… It really is so very simple to create and takes me about 3-5 minutes to toss together (wet or dry). Also, this works with any length of hair! I used to do this as a way to pull back my short hair, now that it is much longer it just looks bigger and more dramatic. Love.

Here is my quick HowTo create the Twisty UpDo…

What You Need:

  • Lots and lots of bobby pins
  • Hair bush (or whatever you use to tease)
  • Hair Spray

1. With your hair lying parted as you wish pull up the top fourth of your hair and begin to tease it underneath to get that little bit of poof that you see at the top. I like to spray some hairspray underneath where I teased it so that it lasts the whole day. Then take a bobby pin or two and pin it on the back of the crown of your head.

2. Take the hair from one side of the poof and pull it towards the back of your head. Begin to twist the hair until it twists into a coil (start the twist after your ear – or it will look funny from the front). Then pin it back in the center of your head.

3. Repeat the other side. This will create the look you see from the front. So now we basically have your hair half up and half down with the poof at the top.

4. Now take 1 inch pieces of your hair and begin to twist and twist until it coils and pin it in the center of your head. Repeat this until all of your hair is pined in on the back of your head. This is not meant to be a clean look. Let it be a bit messy. Also, feel free to play with where you pin it. This could be done lower or higher. The pics above are a much lower look.

5. I like to tug a bit all around so it doesn’t have too much of a slicked back look… now hair spray a bit.

Ta-Da! What do ya think? If you try it let me know! :)

This UpDo was such a hit at the conference that a woman asked to take a pic of the “back of my head.”  No joke.


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6 responses to “HowTo: Twisty UpDo

  1. so chic and retro…i love it!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  2. Jo Mama

    I am sooo impressed that you did that by yourself. Your talents never cease to amaze me!

  3. Rachael

    Tried it. Failed. I need some practice! I got about half way through and got tired of twisting. So I put the lower half of my hair in a bun using twisty bobby pins.

    Ps. hi, Lacey! It’s Rachael Ferris from FSU. I’ve been creeping on your blog for a while (it’s on my google reader). I love breaking from an overly hectic day to read about something I know so little about!

    • Don’t give up! Once you get it, it literally takes 3mins… no joke!

      Glad you have been creepin’ and that you like my blog! Go Noles! :)

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