A Belated Birthday

I am so bad with dates, I completely forgot to tell you that it is A Lacey Perspective’s Birthday! ALP turned 1 year old last week on June 30th. There are several posts prior to that date last year, but I don’t count when I was still trying to figure out how to deliver you my perspective.

Back in the days, in my first post on June 30th 2010, I stated that this blog would focus on women, politics and fashion and as time has passed I had readers asking for what I was wearing. Now ALP has become some what of a outfit post blog, or as it is known in the blogging world a street style blog. I like that my readers challenged me and that I am now more open with my fashion choices. I plan on keeping this blog on the original track, but much more heavier on the fashion/style side.

I want to send a big hug and kiss out to all of my readers. I read every comment, tweet and FB post you send me and each and every one puts a smile on my face. Thank you so so much – this blog would not be where it is today without you.

Lots and lots of ALP love,



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2 responses to “A Belated Birthday

  1. Happy blogoversary!

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