Lacey’s Wearing: A Lesson Learned

Dress {H&M} | Sleeveless Trench {Urban Outfitters}| Fringe Bag {H&M} | Sandals {Wild Diva found at Charming Charlie} | Sunnies {H&M} | Gold Watch {Michael Kors} | Friendship Bracelet {Meeps Vintage} | Teal & Gold Beaded Bracelets {H&M} | Gold HorseShoe Necklace & Gold Braided Bracelet {street vendor at Eastern Market} | Manicure Nail Polish {OPI – Banana Bandanna} | Pedicure Nail Polish {OPI – Dutch Tulips} | Lipstick {NARS – Carthage}

I am 5 foot 3 inches – I am clearly a short gal. I also have curves (specifically larger in the chest) and an unusually small waist. This may sound like an ideal body type for a woman, but for a twenty-something gal who loves her fashion – not so much. Things are made for flat-chested skinny-minnies. This always causes a conundrum when I am attempting to layer like the best of the best bloggers/models/stylists out there. Layering just makes my chest look larger and makes my waist look larger then it is. Also, I was NOT in the mood for heels (which most of my friends say I live/sleep in and I insist to wear to make my thick dancer legs look longer and leaner) this morning, but I couldn’t just throw on any pair of sandals. Then this outfit was born…

This UO trench is my current favorite – it is light, sleeveless and lets me layer while still creating a waist! Plus, this dress is thin strapped so all in all this made for one lightweight, 100 degree DC friendly ensemble.

Lastly, I have lately been attempting to create what I am calling the DC Friendly Arm Party. The term Arm Party was, of course, created by the one and only Man Repeller (see her Extended Arm Party post here). As we all know in DC, a true Arm Party is just not going to fly. So this was my attempt. My favorite gold watch, a killer friendship bracelet from Meeps (you know I have to have something from there on), chunky gold braided bracelet and beaded bracelets. It’s a lot – but not TOO much – hence the DC Friendly part. What do ya think? Will you give an Arm Party a try?

Have a fab Friday lovelies!


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