Lacey’s Wearing: If It Ain’t Broke

Skirt {Francesca’s Collection} | Silk Top {Ann Taylor Loft} | Braided Belt {F21} | Fringe Bag {H&M} | PeepToe Booties {Steve Madden} | Aviators {RayBans}| Gold Watch {Michael Kors} | Bracelet {Yurman} | Teal Ring {LouLou Boutique} | Friendship Bracelet {Meeps Vintage} | Gold Braided Bracelet {street vendor at Eastern Market} |Manicure Nail Polish {OPI – Banana Bandanna} | Pedicure Nail Polish {OPI – Dutch Tulips} | Lipstick {NARS – Carthage} | Donut Bun – ALP HowTo
*Click on pictures for full size.*

It’s official this blog is over a year old (lookin’ good for 1 year old huh?) and I know this because I now have realized you have seen this skirt already. Now is the time for me to tell you I am a normal gal, on a normal budget that shops at normal stores. So this will definitely happen again… I’m sure of it. When I really start to build up outfit posts I will start to put multiple shots of outfits with a similar piece all in one post so you can see multiple ways to style one piece. So lets just say this is the beginning of that project. Sound good? Glad you’re with me.

Back in Texas I would constantly hear the phrase “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” and this ensemble is exactly that. I am sure by now you are noticing a pattern of shape of skirt, top and belt (like here & here). In my last post I mentioned that my body shape is kinda wacky and I am always on the hunt for a way to show off my thin waist, down play my larger chest and lengthen my thicker dancer legs. I really think the shape that this outfit creates is my true body type winner! You agree?


Want to see the leftover pics from this look that didn’t make the post? Head over to ALPs Facebook page!

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