Quarter Life Crisis

Think of this new Nikon D3000 as my quarter life crisis purchase. It has not left my hands since it came out of the box this weekend. This will not only help you get to see the details of the outfit I am wearing, but also give me the opportunity to be able to bring you more fashion/style I find around me in its pureest form. The three pictures above is just a taste of what this camera can do.

Also, ALP readers, meet Lucy (the first picture) she is my 9 year old pug and my everything. This may be the best picture I have ever taken of her, you really get to see every single cute wrinkle. The second picture is of me taking a picture of myself with the new camera. FYI – The light blue romper is from Target and all of their rompers are majorly on sale… go now, thank me later.

Lastly, the final picture is from a night with my closest friends celebrating J and I’s new apartment. The night was filled with champagne, wine, laughter and Apples to Apples.

I cannot wait to get outfit posts going with this camera! Oh… andddd… it’s my birthday week!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!


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6 responses to “Quarter Life Crisis

  1. Happy Birthday to you!!! Youre going to have so much fun with it :)

  2. congrats on the awesome camera, it will change your life

  3. Rozi

    Hi Lacey,

    I’ve actually seen this romper on the Target website – http://www.target.com/p/Mossimo-Supply-Co-Juniors-Ruffle-Romper-Moonstone-Blue/-/A-13292182#?lnk=sc_qi_detailbutton. But a lot of people said it was really sheer. Do you think it is? It doesn’t seem to be judging from your pictures.

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