Lacey’s Wearing: Palazzo at Graffiato

Black Tank {Ann Taylor} | Palazzo Pants {H&M}|  Sandals {Wild Diva found at Charming Charlie} | Black Patent Leather Clutch {Meeps Vintage} | Gold Watch {Michael Kors} | Silver and Gold Bracelet {Yurman} | Pink Ring {LouLou Boutique – Dupont} | Gold Bangles {H&M} | Black/Gold Necklace {H&M} | Earrings {Ralph Lauren} | Lipstick {NARS – Heat Wave} | Blush {NARS – Orgasm} | Manicure {Essie – Shift Power}

This is probably the most comfortable I have ever been on one of J and I’s date nights and yet I have never felt so chic. These polka-dotted palazzo pants I grabbed at H&M, that I wrote about in my first Lacey Bought, are so comfortable and I can’t wait to style them many ways. Also, every time I wear my hair in this low up-do I always feel so feminine – something about how soft it looks.

As you can tell while J snapped a couple pictures for me, before we headed out to the rainy abyss, Lucy (my pug) had to get herself in every shot she possibly could. Camera hog.

I am no Bitches Who Brunch, but I have to tell you a bit about where J decided to take me… Graffiato. Graffiato is Mike Isabella’s, from Top Chef, new restaurant found right behind the Verizon Center in Chinatown. I have been dying to go because I am a big Top Chef fan and J surprised me with this being my birthday dinner date. If I could describe it in one phrase it would be – a restaurant after my own heart. Their food is innovative italian with local ingredients. I got their Prosecco that is on tap… you read that right… on tap! They are the only restaurant in the world that has it. Also, J and I split a plate of their local cheeses for an appetizer, the caesar salad that had croutons with the parmesan baked into the croutons, split The White House pizza, and ended with the Chocolate Tart. My favorite part of the meal was the White House Pizza, it was absolutely devine!

I highly suggest getting a reservation since this restaurant is still so new and of course… the environment is casual, so don’t be afraid to toss on jeans, preferably jeans and heels, and you will fit right in. You know I had to give you a what to wear tip.


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2 responses to “Lacey’s Wearing: Palazzo at Graffiato

  1. Oooh want to check out Graffiato! Cute outfit!

    And love the new camera, the pics look fabulous.

  2. I lvoe Lucy’s cameo in this post, hahah. So cute. And I love the bottom fun!

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