Refinery29 Comes to DC

The title kind of sounds like a corny movie that has some life lesson you should lean, but you get the gist. Hehe. Here are some pics I snapped of the fabulous-ness that surrounded the Dupont Fountain on September 2nd. When Refinery29 calls, DC answers… in style.

Vintage Dress bought in France

The photographer, Jim Darling, in action… while dodging action.

Vintage perfection.

Stylish ladies, I quickly made friends with, hoping that Mr. Darling will chose them to be his model.

Mr. Darling taking pics of me. Hope Refinery29 likes it!

What I wore to the shoot. See the outfit post here.

Some absolutely amazing purple suede shoes I may need to own for the fall.

High-waisted red pants, a unique addition to your fall wardrobe.

Carlis of Spicy Candy DC & Katie of Today I Want… my fellow vintage lovers.

Carlis getting her pic taken by Mr. Darling.

I took some outfit shots for Carlis. Find more at Spicy Candy DC.


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5 responses to “Refinery29 Comes to DC

  1. I love the purple pumps! So glad Refinery 29 has ventured into DC!!

  2. So fun! Very excited for Refinery 29 in DC and I cannot wait to see the pictures.

  3. super excited about this and it was great to meet you there. The purple pumps belong to Sade from I was lucky to get a heads up as to who made it in the shoot… just a few more weeks ;)

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