Friday Fun: Fall… ish

Fall Transition

When the weather is starting to creep towards fall I always dive head first into the fall trends. The best way to keep from looking like you are ready for the arctic tundra is to add layers that can be removed as the day warms up. A short sleeved sweater dress is the prefect addition to your fall transition wardrobe. This weekend here in DC will be starting to feel fall-ish. So let the amazing layering begin!

Have a fabulous weekend, loves AND Go Noles beat OU!




Want to see other outfits I have styled & see some of the specifics (price & brand) of the look above? Go to my Polyvore page here.

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2 responses to “Friday Fun: Fall… ish

  1. A Little Petite

    These are some great items you rounded up! love the color scheme! ooo i love layering!!

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