Lacey’s Wearing: Chocolate Leather

Sweater + Skirt + Booties {F21} | Clutch {Meeps Vintage} | Necklace + Cuff + Frog Cocktail Ring {LouLou Boutique Dupont Circle} | Sunnies {Karen Walker} | Watch {Michael Kors} | Bracelet {Yurman} | Lipstick {Yummy Plummy – Maybelline} | Blush {NARS – Orgasm} | Manicure {OPI – Miami Beet}

I don’t know how I feel about this skirt. In theory it was a brilliant idea on Forever 21’s part. Chocolate pleather, a-line, high-waisted and all for approximately $25. I was sold. But now looking at pictures it makes me look larger in the middle than I actually am. No this isn’t a “do I look fat in this?” moment, I just truly don’t know how I feel about the cut and the way it blouses in the middle. Plus, hello wrinkles every time sit down. What do you think…. keep or return?

Also, since I am on the complain train, I have realized that no matter how long it has been since I have danced I will always have big calfs. Yup. Dancer legs never leave you. When trying to pull off a longer skirt with booties, you notice this much more.

Ok. Stepping off the complain train now.

This hair style got lots of love my last post, so I will make sure to put together a short how-to very soon. It is so simple, I had no idea my-hair-is-gross-and-needs-to-look-cute-fast look was going to be such a hit!

This ensemble is what I wore to the District Sample Sale last night. Pictures of that coming later today!

Isn’t my frog cocktail ring adorbs?! He (yes, I made it a he… name TBD. Suggestions welcome.) will probably be with me all fall/winter to add a bit of sparkle and humor to my day. You can find a closer look at him here.


Want to see the leftover pics from this look that didn’t make the post? Head over to ALPs Facebook page!

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15 responses to “Lacey’s Wearing: Chocolate Leather

  1. I definitely think the skirt looks great! You seem to have long enough legs to pull it off. If you’re still in doubt check out— . LOL. :) Now you’re definitely making me think I need to head over to my grandma’s in Dupont and figure out when I can make it to Lou Lou’s! I looove the necjlace too btw!

  2. Love this look!
    Head-to-toe perfection!

  3. I thought you looked totally adorable, so I think it’s a keeper. So glad I ran into you last night!

    I hear you about the dancer’s calves. It’s been a decade since I left that life, but no one bothered to tell my legs…

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  5. I really think it’s flattering, and I think it’s clear that it’s the skirt and not you. Like others said, your long legs offset it nicely, good balance!

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  8. Allison

    I am still waiting for this “how-to” for your hair! DL!

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