Wednesday Wish List: A Little Bling

Leather Trimmed Double Breasted Cape {LOFT}

The Cuff Necklace {HRH}Boat-Necked Sweater Dress {Old Navy}

Hand-Painted Crystal Necklace {Elizhyc Etsy Store}Court Shoe with Cap-Toe {Zara}


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7 responses to “Wednesday Wish List: A Little Bling

  1. Amazing picks! I LOVE that dress… (how is it Old Navy!?) and just ordered two spike the punch necklaces a couple wks ago! Obsessed!!!

    • I can’t believe that dress is Old Navy too! Comfortable and cheap. I am sold. Also, I was told the wait for those necklaces to get to you is forever! Keep me posted on your process! :)


  2. Love the cape – they keep coming back season after season so although you might think they’re just a trend, they’re not! This season I have got to get me one! :)

  3. I have been craving a cape just like that and pumps with a little cap-toe. Excellent.

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