Hair How To: Easy Waves

You saw my hair look like this in my outfit post today

As promised, here is my VERY easy way to create waves:

  • After your shower, towel dry your hair.
  • Divide your hair up into 10 sections (This depends on the thickness of your hair. Less for thinner hair or looser waves).
  • Twist each section of hair until it coils into a ball and bobby pin. Repeat until your whole hair is surrounded by coils. Yes. You will look silly and your significant other will laugh at you.
  • Get your beauty sleep and let them do their magic.
  • When you wake up take each coil out (blow dry before taking out if your hair is still a bit damp).
  • Run your fingers through the waves. Do NOT brush/comb.
  • Lightly hair spray.
  • Voila… waves!
Seriously it is that easy! This can work on all lengths of hair. I used to do this when I had much shorter hair, as well. Just remember, the more sections you do the tighter the waves will be. Play with the amount of sections you do, and find what suits you.
Hope this helps! Look out for my how to on the hair style from this and this outfit post next week!


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4 responses to “Hair How To: Easy Waves

  1. A Little Petite

    Great little tutorial and love the pattern mixing! Great outfit!!

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