I am madly in love with Instagram. For those of you who are not hip to the iPhone lingo, Instagram is an amazing app that helps you take creative pictures and post them to your social networks. I honestly would rather tweet and post to Facebook a pic of my Starbucks with this app than just telling you “wow I need coffee,” it is a much more fun and creative way to share your thoughts.

Now that I have throughly sold you on this app (Hehe. You can never take the salesman out of me), above are some pics I have snapped recently that I thought would be a great way to introduce you to my new love, Instagram.

Don’t have an iPhone? Don’t be sad, you aren’t missing out, you can follow me (and subscribe to my pics) here!

Hope everyone had a relaxing, warm weekend! :)

1. Staying cozy with my fav scarf and fedora at brunch on a chilly DC day.
2. Yummy brunch at The Diner.
3. Baking my fav cookies (how to soon).
4. Wine by the fireplace… fall is here!
5. Got a mani with Essie’s Midnight Cami. So in love with this navy blue perfection!
6. Made a new background for my iPhone with the Wall About You app.
7. Shades of grey look.
8. The LOFT cape I have been coveting. This was a large, I think a tad too big.
9. Shoes I drooled over in my Lucky Mag.
10. Trying the new Salted Caramel Mocha… soooo amazing!


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7 responses to “Insta-Love

  1. I am also addicted to instagram! I feel like i am one heck of a photographer when I get to post instagram photos :)

  2. Instagram collages are one of my favorite things to blog! I love all your pics, especially your fedora/scarf/watch look and the wine/candle/fireplace. :)

  3. Hey hey!
    I totally agree with you, the Salted caramel mocha is delicious! Exactly what you need with this crazy DC weather! I wish there was such amazing photo editing apps for Blackberry! I do have an Iphone from France but I can’t use it as a phone… Only as a music library and camera!
    I love your series of snapshots, totally the way to describe a DC fall!

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