Weekend Savings: Monogram Necklace

I have been dying for a classic piece like Blair of Atlantic-Pacific‘s monogram necklace but have yet to find one as chic and timeless. I am never one to want exactly what is “in style” but there seems to be nothing like this necklace. So I have done some digging and found you (and me) a couple price points for this highly coveted necklace…

Blair of Atlantic-Pacific in her signature Max & Chloe West Avenue Large Monogram necklace.
She purchased this for (if it is Gold Fill) $210.
*Note this takes 1-2 weeks to ship*

Freedom Gold Script Monogram {Basch} $180
*Note 2-3 weeks for shipping*

Large Monogram Pendant {Bauble Bar} $115
*Note this takes 4 weeks to ship*

Nearly half the price for the large and there are options for a small and medium as well! Thank you Bauble Bar for making our jewlery obsessions fiscally accessible!

There are many other monogram necklaces our there by multiple jewelers but the main distinction is the amount of time it takes to get to you. My only real thought is, can I wait 4 weeks to save $100?

Which would you get?


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4 responses to “Weekend Savings: Monogram Necklace

  1. lisaalinh

    Gorgeous necklace, but a bit pricy for me :\

    – Lisa @ lisaalinh.wordpress.com

  2. These are very cute and very, very popular at my college. I would go for the cheaper ones!

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  4. Thanks for the BaubleBar love! (I run their social media… love chatting with you!) They are truly stunning – already have my order in and counting down the days til it arrives! xo

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