ALP Featured: Washingtonian

I am still in utter shock that this interview even happened. When people congratulate me on it, I kind of freeze up. When the Washingtonian tells you they love you, I guess you are officially a Washingtonian. After three years of living here I feel like I just got the “ok you really are a Washingtonian now” nod.

I was interviewed by a fan of the blog, fellow fashionista and the woman who has my dream job – Sarah Zlotnick of the Washingtonian’s style section. It was so much fun reminiscing on all that has happened in a year of this crazy, amazing blogging world. Also, Sarah put together a killer slideshow of some of her favorite looks from my outfit posts, she said that was her favorite part because she got to dig through my blogs archives.

It is so exciting that the fashion blogging world is really beginning to feel the love from Washington. Next up… getting on the Washingtonian cover. ;)

Click on the screen shot below to head to the interview!


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Join me at the Georgetown LOFT Grand Opening Event with Lucky Magazine October 22nd!


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2 responses to “ALP Featured: Washingtonian

  1. Courtney

    OMG !!! I KNOW HER!!! My friend is famous!! :) Love you Lacey! Great job, what a flattering article! You need to style me for the bachelorette :)

  2. What a great interview! AND amazing PR for your event! Congrats!


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