I Love Goooollldd…

After seeing this…

I have not been able to stop thinking about that gold chain bracelet and how absolutely beautiful it would look with my gold Michael Kors watch. Then after my MK catalog came in, I decided I wanted every piece of their chain collection. While looking at my catalog, with a glass of wine in hand of course, J looked over my shoulder and said, “You would wear all of that.” If J thinks it looks like something I would wear, and it stood out enough for him to pry his eyes off the World Series, than I am pretty sure it is safe to say that these need to be mine.

To be honest – for a ring, necklace and bracelet the total price is not that bad at all. These babies would be perfect additions to my arm party, neck party… heck…. any party.

Golden Chain Ring {Michael Kors}

Golden Link Bracelet {Michael Kors}

Golden Link Necklace {Michael Kors}

PS. Yes the title is an Austin Powers reference. It just seemed right.


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3 responses to “I Love Goooollldd…

  1. chameleonic

    me too! you can never go wrong with gold!

  2. WOW! i didn’t know there was more to this collection! DROOL!!!1

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