Weekend Savings: Helpppp

Ok, lovies. I need your help. I am in desperate need of a good cognac colored bag for fall/winter/forever. I am torn between these two. Which should I get?

Willis Bag – Classics Collection {Coach} $298

Plaited Shopper {Zara} $169

Help! Pretty Please.


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12 responses to “Weekend Savings: Helpppp

  1. I really love the Zara one, classic shape, size and material. Go for it!

  2. I go for the Zara purse! Love the shape and the color. It’s gorgeous IRL.

  3. I vote for the WIllis. I personally wouldn’t pay that much for Zara quality but more then that, I like the structural look of the bag. It has that schoolbag vibe to it which I’m a fan of, but ultimately you’re wearing it so choose whatever makes you happy!

  4. casielee

    Sooooo, I recently bought the shopper from Zara because I’d been obsessing for a while now and I was disappointed because it totally dwarfed me. I know I’m more of a mini than you at only 5’2″ but if you can find it at a Zara, I would go and “try it on,” so to speak. That might seal the deal in the direction of the Willis ;)

  5. I vote the Zara bag as well. This means to you have to get it now. :)

  6. I would go for the Zara purse. I’m not sure I’m a fan of this Coach bag, it’s too overwhelmed with details in my opinion, and its shape isn’t exactly as classic as their city bag or Madison satchel, so maybe you shouldn’t invest too much in it. However, the Zara purse’s shape is minimalistic and chic, so you can wear it just like that or even fancy it up with a vintage scarf. Anyways the good thing about both is that they’re real leather, and it’s good to invest in it. You could even pass it later on to your daughter/niece/grand-daughter.


  7. I think the Zara bag is safer. The Coach bag has is a bolder choice. You could rock either. Not many could carry off the Coach and make it work.

  8. I’m loving the COACH one. An instant classic!

  9. I adore the Coach bag…and I don’t even like Coach.

  10. Coach. It’s a little more expensive but it is all about the details. :)

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