Friday Fun: The Glossarie Overhauls My MakeUp Bag

I am never one to claim myself as a beauty expert. Heck, I can barely get eyeliner on one eyelid successfully without looking like I got punched in the eye. But I do know that it is time for a little makeup bag update for this fall/winter season. So who better to help me with this overhaul, while I am away on a short vacay, then the one the only – Lucky FABB Best Beauty Voice Nominee – Lara of The Glossarie! If this blog is not on your must-read list, go ahead and add it to your Google Reader now…

You add her? I can wait. Go ahead…

We good? Ok. You (and your beautifully made up face) can thank me later. Take it away, Lara! :)


Hey there, Lacey lovers! I’m Lara from The Glossarie and I am honored to be taking over ALP’s super stylish digs for the day. The purpose of this pretty post? I got my manicured mitts on the co-queen of CapFABB‘s makeup bag and gave it an awesome overhaul for fall.

1. Essie Size Matters and School of Hard Rocks, $8 each: I’m smitten with Essie’s Cocktail Bling collection for holiday. My two favorite shades for Lacey are this smoking hot ruby red and edgy gray-teal. They’re both office appropriate for day but bold enough for nights out with her manfriend or the CapFABB girls.

2. NARS Cream Blush in Penny Lane, $27: I happen to know that Miss Lacey is a faithful fan of cult fave Orgasm by NARS. Their cream blush in Penny Lane is a great alternative for cooler months – just tap it on the apples it dries to a glowy powder finish.

3. Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel, $21: Have you seen our girl’s killer arches?! She has been blessed with basically the best brows ever, so a tinted brow gel is all she needs to condition and control.

4. L’Oreal True Match Makeup, $9: This stuff could sell for so much more at department stores for all the flawlessness that it provides. It goes on like a dream and feels super high end, providing a very natural looking finish that matches skin color exactly.

5. Revlon CustomEyes Eyeshadow, $7: The best thing about these shadows in killer color combos, is the little map on the back that teaches you how to create a professional eye look in a matter of minutes. It makes defining those baby browns a total breeze!

6. Benefit Rush Hour, $22: This pretty purple berry is perfect for lovely Lacey’s lips this season. It is simple to use and flatters in an instant, plus it’s great for tossing in your bag for the day or evening. In a pinch, it even doubles as blush to wake up the face after a long day in the office.

I can’t wait to see Lacey rockin’ some of these pretty products in her style shots this season.

Thanks for having me, ALP!


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