LPM Lookbook

I had the honor of being one of four fabulous stylists (see credits below for the others) on the just released La Petite Marmoset Holiday Lookbook 2011. As a vintage lover I can’t get enough of LPM’s amazing selection (I am pretty sure I need to own every one of the sequin pieces you are about to see).

We started with four beautiful models and told them, “…girls night out on H Street. Go…” and boy did they absolutely kill it. While Katya of Spicy Candy DC and I watched the shoot after a long day of styling she said “I wanna be in there going out with them!” and I responded, “…don’t worry hunny we will.” Hehe. We seriously wanted to jump right in, and you will to… but restrain your self… at least until the launch party on Thursday.

Luckily LPM’s Founder, Katherine, is letting me show you the Lookbook RIGHT HERE! Enjoy, party on and Happy Holidays!

Read LPM’s Blog Here

Buy LPM Vintage Here

Hang with me and the other contributors at the launch party at Violet Boutique this Thursday at 7pm (I’ll be the one in a sequin LPM pencil skirt)!!

Creative Concept
Carlis & Katya- Spicy Candy DC
Katherine Martinez- La Petite Marmoset
Carla Sanchez   (Spicy Candy DC)
Katya Ananieva (Spicy Candy DC)
Lacey Maffetone (A Lacey Perspective)
Katherine Martinez (La Petite Marmoset)
Lead Photography/Editing: Marshall Johnson (The President Wears Prada)
Behind the Scenes Photography: Sebastian Marin (SMF0to)
Videography/EditingCaroline Lacey
Mansi Mehta
Morgan Mayes
Tamika Wilkins
Emma Jade
William Jovel
Hair and Makeup
A special thanks to the following Hst businesses who allowed us to shoot on location


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