Holiday Red

Dress & Clutch {Meeps Vintage} | Faux Fur Jacket {old – unknown} very similar |  Pumps {Steve Madden} *Now on sale! Yippee!* | Sunnies {Karen Walker} | Monogram Necklace {Max & Chloe} | Watch {Michael Kors} | Bracelet {Yurman} | Cuff {F21} similar | Ring {H&M} similar |Lipstick {L’Oreal – British Red} | Manicure {OPI – Lincoln Park After Dark}

Sadly my favorite DC vintage store, Meeps, is closing. When I found out I was devastated. A tad dramatic? Not when it comes to my vintage. Even the beau gasped when I told him.

Then when I discovered they were having a blow out shopping party – you know it instantly went on my calendar. I did not care what I had on there, this just took top priority. Not only was this a shopping party, but the invite said fill a bag for $20. You read that right — $20! I couldn’t believe it. My devastation soon became curiosity at what all would be left in the store for me to discover.

To make a long story short, I walked out with two bags full of vintage goodies and I could not stop smiling. Not only because of my killer finds but also because I chatted up the woman working the register and found out that my prized vintage store was being bought out and NOT shut down for good. *insert angels singing here* The vintage gods were smiling on me that night.

This sweater-like red dress was the first thing I grabbed. After getting home and trying it on (What, you thought I took the time to try each piece on?! I was on a mission to stuff bags here people!) I realized it had pockets. After some shoulder pad removal – my fav find became a new love for the holiday season. I mean HELLO beautiful color and pockets! Could it get any better?!

Pretty sure this one is the winner for my office holiday party.


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17 responses to “Holiday Red

  1. That dress is to die for. Absolutely gorgeous on you.

  2. So what will happen to Meeps now that it’s being bought out and who is buying it?

  3. Gorgeous dress – love the mix with the fur & leopard print…perfection, as always!

  4. You’re not being dramatic but that is a fantastically dramatic outfit! I love it! Who doesn’t love a beautiful red dress?!

  5. You’re pretty. The dress is pretty. The shoes are pretty. The end.

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  6. A Little Petite

    LOVE the dress! looks great on you! what other fabulous goodies did you manage to stuff in the bags ;) ! cant wait to see!

  7. “Even the beau gasped..” Hahaha love it! Love the shoes even more!!

    Doux Rousse

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