Life of the (Arm) Party

I have been wearing arm parties since I was little. There was never a day I didn’t have a watch on, some sort of new bangle I found at Claires (yeah I said it… Claires) and some friendship bracelet I made on the bus ride to dance competitions.

Lately, I have been wearing the same ‘ole arm party. The pictures above are plenty of evidence that I wear the same arm candy almost every single day and typically in the exact same places! You won’t catch me a day without my Michael Kors gold watch, David Yurman bracelet and Forever21 spiked cuff (similar).

Perhaps it is time to add to this arm party… I have been eyeing this, this and this lately.

What do you wear to your arm party and what do you think my arm party is missing?


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3 responses to “Life of the (Arm) Party

  1. Lost In Seine

    I love these detail pictures! Great style :)

  2. After drooling over that spiked cuff from F21 on your blog for months now, I finally found something sort-of-similar (and naturally ordered it immediately): Obviously I haven’t received it yet, but I can only imagine that it will get as much wear as yours.

    PS — I’m also about to scoop up that Ettika bracelet, FYI. I’m planning to pair it with my gold Rima bracelet from Dannijo. I hope you decide to order one, too, because I’d love to see how you’d wear it.

  3. Glad you found one similar! You WILL live in it! Also, the Ettika is the one I am really thinking about.


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