About Lacey

Lacey Maffettone is currently one of many young professionals trying to make it in the crazy career path we call politics in Washington, DC. Not willing to sacrifice her love of fashion in our nation’s politically drenched capital, she began to write about personal style favorites on her website, A Lacey Perspective. A blog centered around her ‘perspective’ on DC women and fashion; weekly posts explore not only the role of fashion in Washington, DC but how to be chic and cost effective. Lacey also is a contributing Fashion Writer for GalTime.com and often guest posting on other fabulous sites.
In addition, Maffettone is a Co-Founder of  CapFABB (Capital Area Fashion & Beauty Bloggers) a group created to give DC Metropolitan area fashion and beauty bloggers a place to communicate, collaborate and meet. With 300+ members, CapFABB is making DC one stylish city.
When she’s not providing readers with her fashion favs or attending a DC fashion event, you can find her shopping fearlessly in pursuance of the greatest deals and steals in the District.

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8 responses to “About Lacey

  1. Hiii!

    So, I totally stumbled across your blog while looking for other fellow DMV area fashion bloggers. I love your concept and theme–I feel like I’m forever trying to convince people that our little corner of the world can be stylish too! I live in Northern Virginia, and just wanted to say HI and keep up the good work!


  2. Hi Lacey,
    Glad I stumbled on your blog! I just moved to DC from San Francisco and am culture-shocked by the different fashion. Excited to learn about the ins and outs of “proper” dressing in this town, so I know how to follow and break the rules. Will subscribe :)

  3. Hi lacey,

    So I’m not quite sure how I came across your blog one day. But I’m happy I did. It really is inspiring – (once I creeped all the way back to your beginning posts) to see how you grew and how quickly you did. ) I’ve been seeing you mention dcfabb, do you know of any groups like this in NYC? I will be moving there from chicago in December.

  4. Hi Lacey!

    I’m so glad I discovered your blog (and the other DCFABB girls’) because I’ve spent the last 2.5 years despairing about the fashion of DC and its wonderful to see that there are people in this city who care about it! I’m trying to man up and start posting my own outfits, but I’m still chickening out (and figuring out how to get the best pictures on my own).

    Thanks for a great blog!

    • Awww thank you so much! I am so glad you love the blog! The first step to taking outfit posts is just doing it. Really. That simple. Just take the leap. They will get better with time…

      Lacey :)

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