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Ask Lacey: Scarves

I have been asked multiple times, whether it via email or in person, by readers if I have advice on how to tie a scarf. As a girl from the south I would rarely need to wear a scarf, so I was hesitant to answer the question.

Now that I am in DC, I clearly need to learn this new art so many women around me seem to have down. So let’s learn together, shall we?

I dug around online for a simple breakdown of types of ways to tie a scarf, and this graphic below (found via Cap Hill Style) seems to be the best out there. Also, see a few of the scarves I have my eye on after.

Bittersweet Plaid Wrap {CUSP}

Houndstooth Scarf {Payless}

Refined Silk-Cashmere Wrap  {J Crew}


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Ask Lacey: Gadget Style

Yesterday on Twitter I was asked what my preference was for iPad/iPhone covers, and realized that this would be a fantastic post to share with you all. I absolutely love changing up the cover to my iPhone and iPad, heck they are just electronic accessories anyway. They should  have a style of their own, as well. Below are some of my top stylish gadget accessories at multiple price points Continue reading


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Ask Lacey: April Showers

It has not stopped raining here in DC – womp womp – but I just remind myself (and you should too) that April showers bring May flowers. Also, April showers put me on the hunt for the perfect rain boot, and apparently all of my lovely readers as well because I keep getting the same question… what rain boots do you suggest? Continue reading


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Ask Lacey: French Embassy Party

My inbox is flooded with questions and I am determined to start answering all of them. If you have any style questions, suggestions on new ‘it’ stores in DC or just want to say hi — feel free to email me at or post on ALP’s Facebook wall here!

I am attending an event at the French Embassy in March and am curious what to wear? -Rachel Continue reading

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