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Lacey’s Wearing: Birthday Suit

Dress & Clutch {H&M}| Pumps {F21}| Gold Watch {Michael Kors} | Silver and Gold Bracelet {Yurman} | Black & White Bangle {F21} | Earrings {Ralph Lauren} | Lipstick {NARS – Heat Wave}

As you can tell my new camera has STILL not left my hand. I probably should surgically attach it to make life easier. Obviously, I am not wearing my birthday suit, but an absolutely adorable dress I snagged at H&M quite awhile ago. I searched high and low for what to wear for my party and ended up just going with an oldie but goodie – and I am so glad I did. This is the silhouette I look best in and I will take any opportunity to wear those pumps.

I had an absolutely amazing time with about 50ish of my closest friends at Eighteenth Street Lounge (who had $20 bottles of wine on Happy Hour special which you know we took major advantage of), they even surprised me with a cake in the middle of the lounge and sang at the top of their lungs. It was so cute. I truly have the best friends a girl can have. Towards the end of the party even the 2 on my cake was exhausted.

Saturday J took me on a surprise bday/date night to a restaurant I have been dying to try, Graffiato. It is Mike Isabella’s, from Top Chef (we are both big fans), restaurant and it was absolutely fantastic! Mike was even working the Expo the whole time we were there! They had Prosecco on tap (and is the only restaurant in the world with it) and their White House Pizza was to die for – a place after my own heart… champagne and pizza. This is a must go for anyone in DC.

All in all, my 25th birthday was a success and I would be remised if I didn’t thank you lovely readers for all the birthday love you sent me.

25 is going to be fabulous.


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Happy Spring!

Yesterday was the first day of spring AND the weather is really starting to feel like it here in DC too!

What is the best way to transition your outfit from the warm, sunny afternoons to the cool, starry nights? Spring colored/printed scarfs, mixing bright colors with your winter basics, maxi skirts, layers and bright coats! Here are some pics where I am gathering my inspiration (and hopefully you will too) for my spring wardrobe from some of my favorite style bloggers and fashion sites… Continue reading


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Ask Lacey: French Embassy Party

My inbox is flooded with questions and I am determined to start answering all of them. If you have any style questions, suggestions on new ‘it’ stores in DC or just want to say hi — feel free to email me at alaceyperspective@gmail.com or post on ALP’s Facebook wall here!

I am attending an event at the French Embassy in March and am curious what to wear? -Rachel Continue reading

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What Should I Wear? {Dupont Circle Edition}

I am currently working on a series called ‘What Should I Wear?’ for each area in DC for GalTime.com (I contribute as their resident DC fashionista). Below is my first post of the series.:

What Should I Wear? {Dupont Circle Edition}

As you get dressed in the morning for your day do you stop and think about where your drink/dinner plans are for after work? Here in DC this quite often depicts your outfit options. Am I going to a wine bar or a sports bar? Am I going to be with the girls or with co-workers? Will I be in Adams Morgan or Capitol Hill?

That last question is key. Unlike most areas in the United States, Washington is full of pockets of culture each with it’s own look, atmosphere, and unspoken dress code. For example, in Adams Morgan you don your best of hipster chic, around Capitol Hill you wear your newest business casual look, and in Georgetown you fight the urge not to dress like you just stepped out of JCrew catalog. What about Dupont Circle you ask?

For the rest of the post click here.


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A Hostess with U Street Chic

After a fabulous weekend full of vintage shopping (so many amazing finds I will blog about later this week), mani/pedis, and biding adieu to football season, I feel refreshed and ready to start the week. But before I begin my week I had to write about my hostess that escorted my girls and I to our table at Marvin‘s for brunch yesterday morning. Quick plug – their cheesy grits are to die for and the mimosas are fantastic!

This girl was effortlessly U Street chic with her long dark hair, blunt bangs, petite stature, and beautiful collection of vintage clothing she was rocking from head to toe. As she walked my gals and I to our table I could not help but notice that everything she was wearing was a different texture yet the whole outfit just worked. I will try to recreate it below…

U Street Chic Hostess
Want to see a couple other outfits I created and see some specifics of the look above? Go to my Polyvore page here.

The vest above does not do her unique, much shorter, feminine vest (note- she wore the vest unbuttoned) justice but the whole ensemble looked like she just walked from her favorite vintage store to work. The maxi skirt, which is a silhouette that you will find everywhere in the newly distributed spring look-books, was whimsical, then the contrast of the heavy braided belt and lastly with a pop of color (her flats) below was absolute perfection. The denim button down, also another spring must have, reminded me I need to find one to add to my closet ASAP.

This girl may never know it but she has become my inspiration for gracefully transitioning my winter wear to spring chic this season when I am out and about these February/March weekends. Thank you chic Marvin’s hostess!

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Top 5 Vintage Stores in DC

I have recently been asked to contribute to GalTime.com as their resident DC fashionista. Below is my first post:

Step Away From the Chain Stores: Top 5 Vintage Stores in DC

For my first post on GalTime (squee!) I was asked to share with you the top five vintage stores in Washington, D.C. along with a few tips and tricks on the art of vintage shopping. Do note there are many great stores in the District that sell vintage, but I wanted to focus on less ‘consignment shops’ and more on stores that cater exclusively to high-quality vintage duds. I hope you enjoy the shopping journey …

Inga’s Once Is Not Enough
4830 MacArthur Blvd NW
Washington, DC 20007
Phone: (202) 337-3072
Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-5pm

If you are looking for designer names you recognize (Dior, Channel, Nicole Miller, etc.) and are willing to pay the price, Inga’s Once Is Not Enough is fabulous. Even better? Inga herself is often your helpful guide to find just the right addition to your couture collection. Don’t miss the small jewelry section. Once would in fact not be enough for me if Inga’s was on a metro line, but sadly this gem of a vintage store is not easily accessible for a metropolitan DC girl.

Annie Creamcheese
3279 M St Northwest
Washington, District of Columbia 20007
Phone: (202) 298-5555
Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-8pm | Sun 12pm-6pm
*They also have a location in Las Vegas at the Palazzo.

One of DC’s best-known vintage stores is Annie Creamcheese in Georgetown, conveniently located right on M Street. Annie’s is a vintage store with a bit of funk. For the nights you are looking for a piece to really pump up the wow factor on an outfit, this place will most likely have it. With a bit of patience (especially with the jewelry counter) and understanding of the vintage do’s and don’ts (see tips below) you can truly find a great addition to your wardrobe. Bonus: while the store does sell designer goods, it’s a bit easier on the wallet than Inga’s, and thus easier to take a risk.

For the rest of the post (including the Vintage Shopping Dos and Don’ts) click here.


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Fashion in Politics Making the History Books

Norman Norell Fall 1968 Collection

Our first lady has made political fashion history! How you ask? Tomorrow’s TNT ‘Christmas in Washington’ broadcast (taped on December 12) Michelle is rocking a vintage 1950s black lace dress by one of America’s greatest designers, Norman Norell (picture at the bottom of the post). Norman Norell (1900-1972) is known for his fitted suits and structured dresses (see picture to the right), and is known around the world as one of the best American designers of our time. You are still thinking, ‘but how is this history?’ New York Vintage (where Michelle – or her stylist- found this gem of a dress) co-owner Jon Schneck has your answer:

“[This is] truly an historic event, as this may be the first time a First Lady has worn a vintage dress. We are truly honored that the First Lady has chosen a gown from New York Vintage as her first venture into vintage couture.”

Can you believe it? History making fashion… in politics! After discovering this amazing turn of events in a Huffington Post article written by one of their ‘style editors’, I knew I had to share it with you all.

Notice how this isn’t being mocked (at least yet) by the press and it’s a woman of power making a statement with her clothing choice. The First Lady’s patriotic choice (picking an American designer for Christmas) is not only politically correct, but fashionably correct. Her fabulous dress will now go down in history, and there is more vintage to come according to the boutique co-owner:

Other dresses from the archive have been scheduled for use by the First Lady later this year.

Kirstin Davis in vintage Norman Norell

Celebrities have worn vintage Norell before, like Kristin Davis (best known for playing Charlotte in Sex and the City – see picture left) at a London Premiere, Sarah Jessica Parker, and many more but vintage couture has never been done by a First Lady.

So I am thrilled to be able to say… that it IS possible for a woman to be in the political realm, love fashion, and combine the two! Michelle Obama has been breaking barriers for the fashionistas of the political world, and slowly other women are following suit. Dressing feminine does not make you any less of a politician or politico, don’t be afraid to try something new with your wardrobe and don’t think that you need to hide your love for fashion to make it up the ranks of politics. If our very own First Lady can take a risk with her wardrobe choices, someone who is constantly photographed and watched, you can too!

To motivate yourself to try something new, watch ‘Christmas in Washington’ (and history in the making) tomorrow on TNT at 8/7c.

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama attend the Christmas in Washington Celebration


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