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“Impatient. Well educated. Entitled. Globally minded.”

This morning in the Washington Post’s section on Leadership, Selena Rezvani, author of the new book, The Next Generation of Women Leaders: What You Need to Lead but Won’t Learn in Business School, posted that the women of Gen Y are taking over, and not appologizing for it.

Impatient. Well educated. Entitled. Globally minded. These are just a few of the traits that are commonly assigned to Generation Y. Born between the late ’70s and late ’90s, this generation―72 million strong―is entering the workforce in droves, and shaking things up along the way.

Rezvani also tells us that the women in this generation (a club I am proudly a member of — perhaps we should make jackets?) are more educated then their counterparts and “as a result of outpacing men in educational attainment, there are also geographic pockets, mostly in cities, where young women are out-earning their male peers on the job.” I am not shocked by this at all, living in DC, I have started to notice a trend of women in their mid-twenties to early forties starting to walk around the District like they own the place, and they do! Here in DC, we (when I say we, I mean Gen Y women) are correcting the path of women lacking in the top positions of government and politics, but it is happening slowly, too slowly. The Hill is still falling short. I remember tweeting an article from Politico, back in September, about the lack of women in Chief of Staff positions. Cue fading screen, and soft music, as to make you think we are going into the past…

Fading back to the present… I hope that Mrs. Rezvani is right, and our generation is coming right around the corner, so that this number will change.

The Washington Post Leadership article also quotes Dan Kindlon, PhD, author of Alpha Girls, as saying this is “…the first generation that is reaping the full benefits of the women’s movement.” He goes on to say, “Today’s American girl is maturing with a new sense of possibility…[she is] a born leader who is ready to explode into adulthood and make her mark on the world.” I feel like he should have ended his statement with a “you go girl!”, but since he didn’t… you go girls… or should I say ladies!

Since most of this article was not news to me (because I believe I am part of the generation of women that are going to take over the world), there was only one section that truly made me stop and think. The piece ended referring to our generation as ones to demand a work/life balance. That phrase always leaves me torn. As a proclaimed “work-aholic” I like to work, accomplish, win, lead, etc. I would think most of the Gen Y women would say the same. On the other hand, I also love a night at home with my Pug and a glass of red wine. So perhaps I am not a “work-aholic”, maybe I am this blend of Gen Y woman wanting it all and not apologizing for it.

Selena Rezvani ended her girl-power article with a question. “But between Gen Y women’s quest for jobs with meaning, variety and true work/life balance, maybe the real question we have for them is: how dare you demand what I’ve always wanted, but never had the guts to ask for?”

My response to Selena?

How dare we? We dare because we are “impatient, well educated, entitled, and globally minded” women who are going to rule the world!


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