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Where Can I Get Those “Politician-Women Shoes”?

If you have read my last post on the Kate Spade “Halle” Patent Leather Wedges, I am sure you now want them as bad as I do.

Unfortunately, as soon as the New York Times article was posted, the Halles sold out everywhere, with women in politics left wedge-less, and searching for look a-likes so they too can have those “shoes of a circle of younger women aspiring for power, or already in it.”

After some digging I did found Kate’s updated version, “Marli Too”, for $298 on Zappos “in stock and ready to ship” in three colors; Black, Light Carmel, and Navy (see pic below). I personally am a fan of the “Light Camel Patent” option. The tan color opens up for more versatility with your fall wardrobe. These are not the exact “Halle” Wedges, but they have the same shape and look of the “Halle”. The reviews/comments on all sites that sell the “Marli Too” rave about the durability and comfort. I have even found one comment that states, “I am now buying my second pair! My last patent Kate Spades lasted two years!” Sounds like a true investment to me. Weather you work for the right or the left, non-profit or in the public sector, Kate’s wedges will bring femininity to your look, without sacrificing comfort or style.

I have also found suede “Halle” look a-likes, named “Buffy” in “Carmel / Chocolate Leopard Print Haircalf” and “New Purple Suede” (see pics below), for $225 on Zappos, as well. Both perfect for the new love of animal print and deep purples in the Fall.

Loving the fact that you can find a comfortable heel that is also fashionable, but can’t fork out the $298 on your Hill salary? I have also dug up some options that are easier for the non-profit running, Hill intern fashionista to afford. First, if you are looking to pay the $225 instead of the $298, I would suggest taking a look at Michael Kors “Cassie”, same look with a little more heel for $225. If you are looking for a real bargin, without loosing the comfort, I think Cole Hann’s “Air Lainey Wedge 55” is a great substitute. You can get them in “Dark Aubergine Croc Print”, to stick with the deep purple and animal print trend! These are about an inch shorter then Kate Spade’s wedges and extra padding, but for those of you giving the tours to your constituents, or running around trying to raise money for your cause, this may be a positive! Especially, because it is only $178.

Lastly, for the cheapest “Politician-Women Shoes” look a-likes I could find, without forgoing comfort and quality of course, I found Target’s Merona Myka Suede Wedges for a remarkable price of $29.99! Same round toe, wrapped wedge, look, but for a tenth of the price! Plus, it comes in tons of fabulous colors! These are approximately two inches high, the perfect height for a woman on the go, but still sophisticated enough to chose these over your go-to Tory Burch Flats.

I still am cooking up one more post on DC’s “shoe of choice”, but until then…
Wear your new wedges, and climb the political ladder, while looking fabulous and professional!

*UPDATE: The Kate Spade “Marli Too” Wedges went on ON SALE (black only) for $220 (from $298) on Zappos, as soon I completed this post.*

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“They’re these politician-woman shoes.”

I am sure, by now, most of you have read the New York Times article titled, “Blazing Campaign Trails in a Certain 3-Inch-Heel.”

There have been many takes on this article from “it is sexist” to “where do I get that shoe?!”

The infamous, $300 black-patent leather Kate Spade “Halle” wedges (see picture right) have been called the “it shoe,” “comfortable”, “shoes of a circle of younger women aspiring for power or already in it,” and “sexy.” All words you want your shoes to be affiliated with, right?

Well, there is one part of this article that caught me off guard…

I know. We, the news media, are not supposed to ask female candidates about their hairstyle or their choice of pantsuits over skirts or their shoes. It is irrelevant. It is trivializing. It is sexist. “You would never write about Chuck Schumer’s shoes,” Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand said in a New York magazine article in response to a question about her flats.

Why can’t you ask female candidates, or any female for that matter, about their choice of heels that day, or who does their hair? What is wrong with the fact that we have multiple decisions to make in the morning about what heels match our dress that day, or which accessories will scream “power,” as opposed to our male counterparts? Also, just because we don’t ask men what shoes they are wearing, doesn’t mean you can’t ask women. I was going to put a “it’s like saying…” corny example here, but I am going to restrain myself.

I guess my real question is, why can women only be successful or fashionable, and not both?

**I hope to dig deeper into this story. Including: a way you can get the Kate Spade wedges look for a price we can all afford, what is the DC power heel, and much more.

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